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The Thompsons, USA -Ancestral Tour

Scottish ancestry At Culross cemetery, where ancestors were buried

Meet the Thompsons!


This family travelled from USA to visit the home of their Scottish ancestors. Kilted Cousins carried out research in advance of their trip.


Sarah said  'Our trip to Scotland was absolutely fantastic. Each day was filled with little gems. Friday was our day to go to Culross, Kincardine, Tulliallan cemetery and Perth. We never made it to Perth though as we got so engrossed in the local culture and people of Culross... We ate lunch at the Red Lion Inn , a great quaint spot rich with good food, beers and people. The local Church Caretaker gave us a tour of the Church and told us a lot about the history of the village.

We shopped in the pottery store and then headed up the street to Tulliallan cemetery. Even though we did not find the graves, we felt the spirit of our ancestors and loved it.'

At Kilted Cousins Family Trees we work with people from around the world. Hearing how satisfied our clients are is so rewarding, but don't just take our word for it - see below for some of our recent testimonials.

Norman McLeod, Aberdeen, Scotland

Hello Yvonne


...My wife was over the moon with her present, she loved it. The presentation book looks fabulous.


Thanks again for your prompt service and all your hard work and hope you have prosperous new year.





Tom and Grace Kerr, Renfrewshire, Scotland

The Finnieston Crane on the river Clyde, Glasgow

I would like to say thanks to Yvonne for her fantastic professionalism whilst doing our family tree. This is something I have put off for a very long time as I thought it would be a long and tedious job. However Yvonne has made it fun and exciting. She was always communicative and kept me up to date at all times. I found her very professional and friendly, my family and I are absolutely delighted with the end result. 


I would also like to add that the amount of work involved for the price was truly value for money. Thanks Yvonne! I will certainly recommend you to all our friends.

Don Bowman, Georgia, USA

Don and Mayre Lou, pictured here, had a great trip in 2014 to visit places Mayre's ancestors lived and worked in Scotland. 

Kilted Cousins located specific family homes, graves and other information for the couple. 

W L Sleigh Chauffeurs then took the group to Lanarkshire to see them and the photo is taken in front of one of the original family homes-it still has the same name!

Don told me; 'Yvonne, just to let you know that it all worked well and we found the houses, the graves and the factory. My wife and I truly thank you for all your help on this project.'

Karen Reid, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Eye on River Clyde

I would like to thank Yvonne for my lovely Family Tree Prints. Her knowledge and enthusiasm in guiding me to bring my family history together in this amazing print was exceptional. I had come across Kilted Cousins while visiting the “Who Do You Think You Are” show in Glasgow, and had been looking for something a bit different and special.

The result was everything I expected, the look on my Mum’s face at Christmas as I presented the Family Tree on a photo of her and my father with her parents was very emotional and touching.

Thank you again

Karen Reid


Natalie Robertson, Australia

View of the River Clyde

“My husband and I have used Yvonne Cavanagh’s Kilted Cousins family history services for the last eight months.  Yvonne has been instrumental in helping us find out more about my husband’s father for his 100th birthday commemorative web site. 


Yvonne provided essential background information about Govan from 1914-1927, as well as helping us fill in important gaps in our family tree, and investigating with tremendous tenacity, gravestones for my husband’s ancestors in Glasgow. 


Yvonne has always been there to answer questions about my husband’s Scottish ancestry, and this information has been integral to successfully setting up our web site.  The web site has also been very popular with the latest generation of Robertsons. “


Stuart and Natalie Robertson

Grant Auchincloss, Canada

Many thanks for the great job you have done assembling my family tree for both sides of my family. The results brought out surnames of which I had heard, and it turns out that there is a relationship dating back some generations, a surprise to myself and my sister and brother. The additional information on the occupations of some of the people is very interesting,and the birthplaces also surprised us and is quite an eye opener. Your investigation into our family tree has supplied us with results that were beyond my expectations and I am delighted with the results.


I certainly have no reservations about recommending your services to others who plan to delve into their family histories.


Thank you again, Grant Auchincloss, Canada

Adrienne Salvaris, Perth, Australia

Kilted Cousins was recommended to me by an Australian friend who has Scottish ancestry. I was very pleased to be put in touch with Yvonne as tracing my family tree was something I had wanted to do for a long time.


Although my parents and siblings were born in Scotland, I was born overseas and now live in Australia. The task of tracing family members on both sides of the family seemed daunting to me as I lacked any real idea of how to go about it. Yvonne at Kilted Cousins solved the problem for me! Yvonne has comprehensively researched the family on my behalf, and I am now the proud owner of a beautifully presented print which I can now share with my two siblings, also in Australia, as well as my Australian husband and two sons. I’m sure this will be much treasured by my sons as it clearly shows our connection to many other families and places in both Scotland and Ireland. The supplementary information which Yvonne supplied to me has also been interesting reading. I am really happy with the end result, and would recommend Kilted Cousins to anyone interested in an accurate and concise family tree.


Thank you, Yvonne. You have done a great job! Adrienne Salvaris, Perth, Australia

Douglas Macdonald, Glasgow, Scotland

Douglas' Ancestors

Yvonne is most thorough with her research and attained an incredibly high standard. Many interesting facts were discovered and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

So much so, we have linked to her website. Douglas Macdonald, Scotland's Chauffeur.

Barbara Kent, New York, U.S.A.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for the incredible work you did in researching my family’s ancestry.  This was no small task, as you know, since my father’s side had practically nothing to go on. What you uncovered was very valuable to our family and for the future generations of our family.


I am amazed that you were able to research our family in all the countries you did. Your tenacity in finding out what happened to my father’s entire side of the family was most appreciated. I am looking forward to introducing you to my parents on Skype so they can thank you in person. Thankyou very much, 


Barbara Kent, New York, U.S.A.


B. Scott, Hampshire, England

Barbara's parents



My family tree, which is beautifully presented on my parents wedding photograph, takes pride of place in my lounge.


Impressed friends have already made contact with Yvonne and hope to use her excellent service for special birthday and Christmas presents. Thankyou! 


B.Scott, Hampshire, England

David Musk, Edinburgh, Scotland

David at work

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for doing such an amazing job with my fiancee's family tree. It was delivered on the morning of her birthday, which was perfect and she was over the moon. We couldn't believe how far back you had managed to trace her family, especially when her Mother's side of the family originates from Ireland.


The presentation looked great too and I will definitely recommend your services. Thanks again for all your patience, professionalism and care". David Musk, Edinburgh, Scotland

Neil Robertson, St Andrews Associates, Scotland


Yvonne has just completed some research for our Australian Clients who will be visiting Scotland soon! She has quickly come up with some very interesting and detailed information including areas in Scotland to visit associated with their ancestors! 

I will now be promoting Yvonne to our clients and look forward to working with her again soon! 


Neil Robertson, St Andrews Associates


Margaret Orr, Renfrew, Scotland

Marian (left) and Margaret, who met in June 2013 in Scotland.

I started researching my family tree years ago but didn't get around to finishing it. Kilted Cousins Family Trees did this for me, and confirmed links with Glen Coe that my grandfather spoke of many years ago, and which I really wanted to be true.


The cherry on top of the cake though, was the fact that through researching our family, a distant relative from New York, USA contacted Kilted Cousins and I had my first ever skype conversation with her. Her Great Grandmother and my Great Grandfather were sister and brother. She is coming to Scotland this Summer and has promised to visit, when we can share stories. I have no-one left from my birth town, so am really excited to meet her.


Getting my tree done has been great for me-and my family all have a copy now too! Margaret Orr, Renfrew, Scotland

Leigh Garbett, New Zealand

I just wanted to say how grateful I was that you could look up that information connecting me to my grandfather who was born in Scotland.

One way of getting a British passport is to have a grandparent who was born in Britain...  You were very understanding and helpful and were quick to get the information to me.  I can now get started in the process of getting a British passport.


Thank you for your help and I will recommend you to others.


Regards, Leigh Garbett, New Zealand

Michele Mackay, Glasgow, Scotland

"Thanks so much for producing the family tree. Getting to use a picture of their wedding ceremony in the background was a lovely personal touch." Michele Mackay, Glasgow, Scotland

Barbara Mennie, Glasgow, Scotland

" Delighted with the family tree you have done for me. Absolutely fascinating to see my family roots back to the 1700s.

We have all pored over it looking at our ancestors. Very interesting to see where they lived/ what they did etc... and it will be nice to pass this onto the kids so that they can add to it over the years to come!" Barbara Mennie, Glasgow, Scotland

J Haggerty, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

I asked Kilted Cousins Family Trees to research for family celebrating their Golden Wedding. They had never had a wedding album but there was a wedding photo hidden in the attic. We managed to get hold of it so that we could surprise them with an enlarged copy with their tree overlaid on top. They were delighted! Kilted Cousins were very professional, efficient and kept in contact throughout. I have no hesitation in recommending them. J Haggerty, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

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