Scottish piper in a sunset.
Scottish piper in a sunset.
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Our Scottish Genealogy Research Services

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Kilted Cousins Family Trees offers a personalised Scottish family history research service, tailored to your requirements.


We tap in to a wide range of Scottish and worldwide resources and records and contacts to offer a comprehensive research service.


To find out about your Scottish roots, we look at:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage records
  • Death certificates
  • Census records world wide
  • Military records world wide
  • And much more!

On completion, the detailed information is professionally presented in a number of Scottish genealogy reports, including a pedigree chart, a family chart, a places report and others too!

Below are samples of how your pedigree chart can look great over a favourite family photograph.


Discover more about our Scottish ancestry research services below:

  • Scottish Family Tree
  • Scottish Family History-bespoke services
  • Scottish Ancestral Tour


Also below, you will find samples of family tree photo prints.

Scottish Family Tree

Print-Kilted Cousins Family Trees Sample Family tree Print

As unique as you!


Having a family tree is a special gift for your whole family. It tells the story of your unique past and can be passed down the generations. It's a legacy - a special keepsake.

We at Kilted Cousins enjoy unearthing branches of your Scottish ancestry, and the process for you is very easy. Simply, we will request a couple of key Scottish birth dates and we will do the rest!


Kilted Cousins will research Scottish birth, marriage and death certificates from Old Parish Registers, Catholic Church records and Civil Records. We also use an extensive range of resources and sources to find records of travel, census, military and trade information. The result is your personal Scottish family tree, with details of births, marriages, deaths, places your Scottish ancestors lived and what they did for a living.


You may have it beautifully presented on a family photograph of your choice (see samples) or professionally printed on a coloured chart.


There will be a surprise in your Scottish roots somewhere. Guaranteed to generate hours of conversation!


Looking for something different? No problem, see our section below on bespoke family history research.


Otherwise, discover our Scottish genealogy packages!

Scottish Family History-Bespoke Service

A view on the Clyde. Kilted Cousins Family Trees A crane on the River Clyde, Glasgow

Whatever you'd like to find out, we at Kilted Cousins thrive on investigating Scottish family history background, including Scottish military records, Scottish places, worldwide census records and all aspects of family life in Scotland.


Perhaps you want to know more about the lifestyle someone in your family had in Scotland?


Kilted Cousins has researched family background for many clients, unearthing details about fatal accidents, such as a drowning, school records, health reports, jobs and industries. I even found an ancestor who was shot in the head over a land feud!


This type of Scottish family history information is fantastic in bringing a Scottish family tree 'to life', allowing you to imagine what it must have been like living in Scotland at the time your Scottish ancestors were here. And may highlight a few surprising details too!


The testimonial from Stuart and Natalie Robertson explains they were delighted with the insight they now have into their Scots ancestors’ life.

Scottish Ancestral Tour

Family portrait. Kilted Cousins Family Trees An American family with Scottish roots

A journey to Scotland to find out more about your Scottish roots can be exciting!


Scotland has lots to offer and if you are planning a visit, it may be the perfect opportunity to combine the trip with a personal ancestral tour.


Maybe you are an Outlander fan. How great would it be to combine an Outlander tour with your own Scottish ancestral tour?


Kilted Cousins Family Trees works with a number of partners to help plan Scottish tours which might include visits to:

  • Places your Scottish ancestors lived or worked, e.g. Scottish shipyards
  • Graveyards to see Scottish ancestors' gravestones
  • Fabulous countryside and the best of Scotland's Places.

Kilted Cousins can link you up with a Chauffeur partner to help with your planning and to make the trip extra special.


You may also wish to hire a professional Blue or Green badge tourist guide. Our partners in Eyes on Scotland, who are Scottish Tourist Guide Association approved, can further add to the experience by sharing their knowledge about Scottish history through visits to e.g. Scottish Castles, Scottish Whisky Distilleries, our stunning Scottish Lochs and other prominent landmarks. And perhaps you can even dance the night away at a Scottish Ceilidh dance!


Highly recommended!

What's In It for You?

Researching your Scottish roots will allow you to:

  • Find out more about your Scottish heritage
  • Add to an existing Scottish family tree
  • Gift a family member with information relating directly to their Scottish ancestors
  • Explore your Scottish roots in more detail
  • Track a living Scottish relative
  • Plan a special visit
  • Investigate a family myth!

In any event, discover our Scottish genealogy packages!


See testimonials from clients who came on an Ancestral journey of their own, including Don Bowman in Georgia and The Thompsons, USA.

Photo gallery: take a look at some of our sample Scottish family tree prints

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